Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Things No One Told Me About Motherhood

Since joining The Club seven months ago, I have learned quite a few things that I simply could not learn through my vast experience with children nor through my veracious readings.

* Every day for the last seven plus months, I have sung. And I can't even carry a tune. The things we do for our children.

* No one told me the stretch marks and scar would stay red until I was done nursing.

* I finally don't care as much about how clean the house is. Laundry can be folded later. Or not. I much prefer playing with, and watching after, my sweet little girl.

* Desitin Creamy rocks! ( people still say "rocks"?)

* My inner-chef is emerging. Not a great chef, but my desire to create balanced, more nutritious meals is in overdrive. No longer will Lean Pockets, sandwiches, or my then staple Sloppy Jo Casserole suffice. I am on a mission now to pack veggies and other goodies in to as much of our meals as possible. Which leads me directly to my next point:

* My husband is such a trooper. Although an extremely picky eater, he has graciously sampled all of my culinary creations. Further, he continues to be an amazing husband and father. God bless him!

* Being a SAHM can become rather hum drum. However, I still wouldn't trade it for the world. I know I'm extremely blessed to have the opportunity to not work, and watch our little Peanut grow every day.

* No one told me that I would experience some form of Carpel-Tunnel Syndrome in my left hand. It's some strange combination of holding her on my hip, and having a hard noggin rest there while nursing, cutting of circulation (Boppy or no Boppy!).

* I knew I would love being a mom. I just didn't know how easily it would come to me. I have always been very motherly, and had rather strong motherly instincts. But, honestly, the transition to motherhood was seamless for me. I feel like I know what I'm doing, and am learning to trust my instincts, my experience, and my knowledge of my little girl to guide me.

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  1. On carpel-tunnel: My left wrist has been aching for months! I asked my husband if it could be carpel tunnel and he glanced at me askew before brushing off the idea as "ludicrous."
    Meanwhile, what a strange side effect of having an infant! I've decided it is because my wrist has to bend in a strange direction to pick her up out of the crib. It was distinctly worse when she was still lump-like, and seems to be getting better now that she can reach up to me and curl her little body around mine.

    Anyhow, nice to know that it's not just me!