Tuesday, December 15, 2009

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas (Toys)

I was up Monday night, fretting about Chrismas presents for Peanut.  I wasn't necessarily worried about what all to get her (although I am still struggling to come up with gifts from us AND from Santa); instead I was worried about her having TOO MANY toys.

Granted, our house is not stuffed to the gills with baby toys, there's still a few feet of floor for walking in each room.  The idea of her getting more toys in less than two weeks -honestly- frightens me a little!  I've been packing away the toys she doesn't play with as much, and rotating her toys, so that it's not too overwhelming or cluttered. 

But, still...  more toys? 

And she's already got enough clothes to last her for a few years, tucked neatly away in about 15 Rubberaid storage containers. (see FB pics if you need proof)

Perhaps this is just a typical mother freaking out before the holidays?  Or a mother constantly petrified of ending up, bleary-eyed and embarrassed, on "Clean House."

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