Friday, January 8, 2010

Catalog of Carol's Latests

Dear sweet Carol,

I started this blog in order to have a place to keep track of all the things you do, big and small.  I began this process in a journal when I first found out I was pregnant with you.  However, since my handwriting is much slower -and much sloppier!- than my typing, I've decided to come here to update your "latests".  In no particular order:

* You are a scrounger!  Where ever we are -church, home, grandparent's house- you move your hand back and forth on the floor, in search of something, anything.  Usually to put in your mouth.  You become quite disappointed when you come up empty handed.  And you always look boldly at me when you try to put said treasures in your mouth.  (I think -I hope!- I reach you in time...)

* You love to push things around, especially a good empty box!  We've acquired a few "push toys" for you, but boxes seem to have a bit more charm.  Your little legs get stronger and stronger each day, and you're going to be walking WAY before I'm ready.  Which brings me to my next point...

* You've figured out how to crawl UP the stairs.  EEEEP!  Luckily, you haven't gotten far, or only crawl up when I'm right behind you.  I think you just enjoy crawling up on to any elevated surface.  You've conquered the fireplace already.  Yesterday, you turned a large box over, and then relished in climbing up, and sitting atop it.

* Pointing!  Oh, my!  How you love to point these days!!  When in front of the fridge, you love to point to the pictures of "baby" Carol or to your cousins.  You also enjoy pointing at Daddy while we eat dinner.  In the evenings, when getting ready for bed, as we say our prayers, you point at the people in your (family) picture book: Baby Carol, Mommy, Daddy, Nana, "G", Grandmama, Grandaddy, etc....  Lately, when I get you out of your crib in the morning or after your nap,  you point at the pictures in your room, and just chatter away at them/to them.  Pointy McPoint, you are!

* Athough you do not watch television that often, I discovered the other day that you LOVE watching "Elmo's World".  "La la la, la la la la..."  While Sesame Street was on, you would glance at it from time to time, but when his segment came on, you stopped what you were doing, and sat and watching, grinning and giggling for the duration.

* You never stop moving.  Ever.  No wonder you haven't  gained any weight, but are still thriving.  You burn up any calories as soon as they enter your little tummy. 

* You've accomplished opening and closing doors.  Lord help me, you can open and close a door.  Rather, you can scoot it open and almost shut.  You love playing with the doors seperating the den and the kitchen, as well as the ones in Daddy's closet. 

* With every bite of food you eat off your little baby spoon, you immediately stick your thumb in your mouth. don't suck your thumb at any other time, but when eating, you chomp away on it.  I don't why in the world you do that, but you've been doing this for about a month now.

* Speaking of mealtimes, clean up is a drag!  Not only do you fuss and even produce real tears when I DARE to wipe your face, but you also re-dirty your hands when you SCROUNGE around the seat of your chair, looking for fallen goodies. 

* Finger foods are fun for you.  Cheerios, scrambled egg bits, Gerber "Puffs", small bits of turkey lunch meat, etc...  You shove them in to your mouth as soon as it's plopped in front of you.  You eat like you're in prison, the way you shovel it in SO quickly.

*  Books: You love to read a good book.  One of your favorites at the moment is Hand, Hand, Finger, Thumb, for which you will even bop up and down, while Mommy reads/sings it to you.  You've even learned how to help mommy turn the page when asked.  But more than reading, you love to toss books out of their basket in the den, on to the floor. 

*Apparently, Mommy and Daddy have no sense of decorating style: we seem to think that the fabric UGA coasters your Nana made should go on the coffee table/ottoman.  But clearly they belong on the flooor instead.

* Your squishy-faced smile remains intact!  Oh!  How I love to see your eyes disappear, as that big grin creeps across your face. 

I'm sure there's much more I need to add to this list.  (That's what the "edit" button and addendums were made for!)  But for now, I must move on to address other items on my ever-growing to-do list, whileyou nap. 

I love you little girl!


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  1. Barbara I am really enjoying your blog. This will be a priceless item for Carol. She is just the cutest little thing, but I am sure you already know that.