Friday, February 5, 2010

More Peanut Updates

Oh Peanut!  I've not been great at writing to you...  But here's the latest:

* You still love to play the Throw-It-on-the-Ground game.  Just about anything in your hand gets tossed on the ground, while you look on, just to see where it goes...  You especially love doing this with your "blankies" (cloth diapers) you keep in your crib.  As soon as Daddy or I walk in to get you out after a nap or in the morning, you immediately toss one over.  Some days, I come in to already find them (along with your family picture book) already on the floor -- those are days when you've quietly played in your crib upon waking up.

* Along those same lines, you love to throw all your bath toys out of your tub in the evenings.  You have a Dora bath doll, a ducky, a star, a ring, and a cup.  Usually with the exception of the star, they all go over the side, including the washcloth when Daddy's done with it.

* Last night, you had all your toys overboard, but continued playing with the star.  You were watching it bob around in the water, and decided you wanted to try to eat it.  You leaned over, trying to grab it with your mouth -hands free.  Instead, you got your first taste of bathwater, and experienced your first true (tiny) chocking fit.  Oh!  You poor little girl --  you were coughing and sputtering, with your eyes getting a little red and puffy.  But, you got over it shortly thereafter.  Still, I wonder if you'll try to sample the bath water again tonight.

* Speaking of bathtime, you love to make the walk from your room to the bathroom, while holding on to my fingers, without a stitch of clothing!  The last few nights, you've strutted in there, all grins and giggles!

* You are Daddy's Little Girl, as you should be.  When he comes home in the evenings, your face lights up, in a way you only do for him.  You two are such big buddies, too!  You even say something resembling his name, "Dah".  Sometimes "dah dah", as you point those sweet long fingers.

* (The closest you've come to saying my name is "Bah-Bah" or "Mmmmmm"  or "Emmmm".  But those were happenstance and days past.  You're all about "Dah.  Dah.")

* You are still constantly on the move -- I am astonished that you aren't walking yet!  (Although I'm secretly happy -- I'm not in a rush for you to grow up!)  You love, love, love to explore your surroundings.  Our little Busy Body, you are!

* Here and there, you'll make little whimperings or small utterings in your sleep.  The distressed sounds make me very sad -what could you possibly be dreaming about?- but the sweet little "dah"s (like you JUST made, as I'm typing) melt my heart.

* Self feeding is right up your alley!  No matter what is in front of you, you will shovel it in as fast as we can put it out.  The last few times we've gone out to eat, I've only brought you finger foods (mixed veggies, noodles, turkey and ham, cheerios, cheese, etc).  Each time, you were SO involved in eating your food, that you wouldn't have noticed if your Daddy and I were on fire, as long as we continued to supply you with food!

* I hesitate to put this in writing, for fear of jinxing myself: You still sleep like a champ.  You've been sleeping between 12-15 hours at night since early December, and you'll nap for 3-4 hours during the day.  You certainly do things with intensity: you play hard, you eat like it's going out of style, then you sleep!  (Now, down the line when you're a big sister, please please please teach your siblings to sleep as well as you do.  Please?)

* People-watching is still one of your favorite things to do when we're out.  You are satisfied at church to watch the people around you, instead of getting on the floor and playing with (or around) the other kids.  When someone engages with you, you become a total HAM!  You grin at them with your big brown eyes and bat those long lashes,  look away, then peer back over at them (usually over my shoulder), and then grin some more.  Sometimes you'll point and give them a "dah" or "ah-dah", for as long as they'll pay you attention.

* You and I try to have lunch with your Grandmama and Grandaddy about once a week, give or take.  You've certainly gotten used to going over there, and will even let Grandaddy feed you while we eat.  Actually, I think he enjoys it, whether he admits it or not.  But you still detest having your face wiped.  However...

* you've been a trooper about taking a squirt of saline up your nose, and having me extract with the bulb syringe.  In fact, you open your mouth a little, thinking I'm going to feed you when I raise either one to your face.  What gives??!?  You throw a bloody fit when you even SEE the wet washcloth, but are content to let me shove something up your nose?  Perhaps you know the saline and bulb syringe will help relieve your runny nose.  Hey, I'm not complaining, just a little perplexed.  My weird little goofball -- how I love you!!

*Which leads me to remark on your first cold.  For a little over ten months, you didn't really get sick --  Woo hoo!  So to have a cold, which mainly consists of a runny, runny, RUNNY nose, an occasional cough, a rare sneeze, and nasty snot bubbles, I think we're doing okay.  In fact, I think your cold is more of an inconvenience (more so for me!) and discomfort than anything else.  But again, I say, you are quite a trooper, L'il Peanut!

* As much as you love having all eyes on you, you still prefer the comfort that only your Mommy and Daddy can provide.  You'll ham it up as much as possible, as long as we're with you.

* Putting you down for a nap or for bedtime still tugs at my heartstrings.  You cry and cry, but not *too* long.  Usually.  Typically, you'll fuss when you we're done saying our prayers, and I walk you over to your crib.  But almost as soon as I close your door, you lay down.  Although you'll continue to whimper and cry for a few more minutes, you're out like a light afterwards.

* Up!  You've discovered that there is an "up".  At random times during the day, you'll shoot your head, looking straight up at the ceiling or sky.  It's rather cute to see that chin jut up, and your head bob around, to and fro, examining the world of "up".

* You've graduated from sticking your thumb in your mouth after each bite, to gnawing on your wrist...  Honestly, I just don't know what to make of this.  Goofball!  You scream when there's no food in front of you, either finger food or spoon-fed mush.  You've become quite an aggressive little eater!

* And finally, I remark on your size, and -quite certainly- this won't be the last time!  You are such a petite skinyata!  In fact, at your 9 month check-up, you had LOST about half a pound!  You continue to grow taller.  (This I know by watching you stand by the inn tables in the den...  A story for another day.)  And you're thriving and hitting all your other developmental milestones.  And you certainly have no problem EATING!  Oh, and your parents were both rather puny kids as well.  So, to see you, all skin and bones, with the slightest poof of a belly, is no surprise.  

But, after all, you are appropriately named, The Littlest Peanut.

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