Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bragging Rights

I simply have to brag about my little girl.  I know, I know: every parent thinks their child is the cutest, smartest, most advanced, prettiest/handsomest child ever to walk the face of the earth.  Period.  I get that way of thinking, and I believe that every parent should feel that way about their children.  (There, that's my disclaimer.)

However, everywhere we went this week, people came up to us to comment on how pretty, how sweet, how friendly, how absolutely cute, how beautiful, etc. Carol is.  This phenomena occured at Target, story time at the library, Kroger, church (always!), strolling around the mall, the gym/JCC, Chik-fil-a, and our two play groups.  Seriously, every day people have gone out of their way to approach us and comment on her.  Even mothers, with their children in tow!  There must be something to it.  After all, she waves to everyone she meets, and -as far as I can tell- considers everyone her friend (even the stuffed Clifford doll at the library).  So perhaps her inviting, friendly personality invites others to her, and then she sucks them in with her wit, charm, and good looks?

In any case, I am rather proud of her.  Her budding social skills are certainly getting much practice.  People's reactions to her have been this strong and inviting ever since she was born.  I know most people are attracted to babies, and love to openly adore them.  Nonetheless, people have always, ALWAYS, gone out of their way to come over to her, interact with her, and shower her with compliments.

It's a great feeling.  I certainly hope this is the case for all other parents.  But my kid's the cutest, the sweetest, the  funniest, the  wittiest, the  strongest, by far the coolest and -naturally- the  smartest.  Just so you all know.  ;o)

On that note, Carol and I wish you a very happy St. Patrick's Day!  :o)

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