Thursday, March 11, 2010

3-11-2010 update

Dear Carol,

 I have, yet again, slacked on writing to you.  And once again, I promise to try to do better.  Again.

Let me start by saying that you are now less than two weeks away from officially being a year old, and -to say the least- I am just not ready for you to be *that* old!   While I am very proud of all you've done in these last fifty weeks, it just seems like the time has flown by way too quickly.  I want to go back and savor more moments with my baby, while you're still a real baby.

You are  in to absolutely everything!  Trying to figure out how things work, you're constantly on the move, studying, and exploring your surroundings.  Last night, you were pushing around one of your little wheeled push toys.  You realized that it has spinners on the front, and were studying them.  Then you came to the realization that those same spinners were also on the back.  So you stooped behind the push toy, examining the spinners from the back.  Then you crawled under, on your belly, and were studying the spinners from that angle.

You figured out how to squirt water out of some of your bath toys.  At first, either Daddy or I would fill up the star or the fish, and you would expertly aim and squeeze.  But now, you've seen us do it enough, that you'll try to fill them up, too, by holding them under water and squeezing.  Of course, this is a little trickier, so we usually end up assisting you in filling them up; but lately, you've been mastering it on your own.  Way to go, Carol!

Everything is "Da" or "Ga" or some utterance inbetween.  You look, point, and "Ga/Da!"  Last night, while saying our prayers and looking at our family picture book, every face you pointed to was "Da".

Climbing.  Lord-have-mercy!  You climb on to absolutely everything your little legs can reach!  You've mastered climbing up and over the ottomans in the den.  You try so hard to climb up your little Leap Frog activity table -- I'm sure it's just a matter of time.  You would hang off the computer desk (as you're currently trying to do as I type!!!!), if we let you.  You absolutely LOVE climbing up the front and back stairs at home.  However, with stairs, you seem to enjoy gnawing on each step as you go up.  ...I don't know what that's all about, but it's rather amusing, and perhaps a tad disturbing, all at once.

You continue to eat like a champ.  I don't think you eat veraciously out of hunger.  I think it's simply that you love to put things in your mouth.  Honestly, I believe that's why you eat like every meal is your last.  You still gnaw on your wrist after a spoonfed bite, but not as consistently as you were even a month ago.  Recently, you've begun holding the sippy cup on your own, when the mood strikes you.  I suspected that you were able to do this a while ago, but since you enjoy throwing the cups (and everything else!) on the ground, more than you enjoy "sipping", I've usually just held the cup for you.  But when we're out and about, you'll gladly hold it.  Keep it up, big girl!

In spite of your never-ending passion for food, you are still quite tiny, my dear.  I recently got out your "big girl" clothes (9 month sizes), and you've been able to wear a few of them, but mostly, you're still sporting the 6 month clothes.  Again, I cannot say that I'm terribly surprised that a child of mine and Tim's runs small in clothing sizes.  But I was hoping that by the time  you were one, you'd at least be in to the 9 month clothes.  Oh well, it just means we'll get more use (-er, longer use) out of each size.

We have been going to several activities during the week, in an effort to meet other babies and other moms.  We go to story time at the Dunwoody library on Monday, "Building Blocks" at Chamblee library on Wednesdays, and a "stay and play" group on Thursdays at the Dunwoody JCC.  We also frequent the playground when the weather allows.  Being around other children has been a wonderful experience for us both.  You are enjoying their company, and (slowly) learning how to share and interact with your "friends."  I am enjoying talking to other moms, and admittedly, enjoying seeing and playing with the other kids.  It's also helped me to really gage how you are doing developmentally.  Of course,  you're on the small end -- I think that's been well-established.  But you move so quick, and other moms certainly comment on your speed, and how well you chatter, too.  You still much-prefer to keep me close by while you play, but you are really enjoying these times.

I will end with two more tidbits.  You've started a very fake, but somewhat convincing, cry/whine.  You'll scrunch up your face, and let out a loud "eeeeeehhhhhhh".  I know these are fake by how quickly and easily you scrunch or unscrunch your face.  Finally, you've shortened your nap considerably.  Where once you would nap for a 3-4 hour stretch in the afternoon, you'll now get in a good hour, hour and a half tops, but are content to play in your crib for a while.  But now you are crying for me to come and rescue you.

Good bye, for now, my little Peanut.  XXOO

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