Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Play Groups -- Hip, Hip, Hoooray!!!

Play Groups -- Hip, Hip, Hoooray!!!

     This week, Carol and I began attending various (free) socializing events around town.

     On Monday, we went to the Dunwoody library for Storytime.  It was a great little 30 minute session of songs, stories, and musical instruments.  ...The musical instruments were lightly played, heavily chewed upon, of course.

     Today, we attended a "Building Blocks" group at the Chamblee library.  We played with the toys and other kids for about 25 minutes.  Then had one-on-one story time for about 10 minutes, followed by songs for the last 10 minutes.  She got to meet other babies, an act that wasn't terribly thrilling for an eleven month old, but hopefully, over time, will become something she enjoys.  More importantly, I got to get out and meet other moms.  Yahoo!

     (As a bonus, we also saw our beloved Mrs. Turner, whom I've known for perhaps most of my life at this point!)

     Tomorrow is our "Stay and Play" group at the JCC.  I'm hoping it's equally enjoyable as today's and Monday's groups were.

     I'm not sure why it's taken me this long to get out and meet other moms.  But I'm certainly glad we have!  Not only are all of these FREE activities, but they seem to be well-run.  Hopefully, we will be able to implement these as regular weekly groups, and we will BOTH enjoy and benefit from the interaction they provide.  It is so important for her to be around other children her age, as well as it's important for me to get out and meet other young moms.

     With these hard economic times, I just pray that these programs at the libraries to not fall victim.  Hands off, DeKalb County!!  Heck, I would VOLUNTEER to run any of these groups!!!  Which leads me to my final point,

     I find it totally reassuring being around the little ones, that -indeed- I need to go back to working with that age group, at least for now.  Fingers crossed that a job opens up nearby, that also has an opening for my sweet little girl as well!  In the meantime, if you're out and about with your little one(s), check out these play groups.

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