Saturday, October 2, 2010

May Update

**Apparently, this is an update I started back in MAY...  Somehow, instead of getting published, it got saved as a draft...  Woops!  (Better late than never....right?)

Oh Boo Bear!  It's been almost 2 months since I last wrote to you!  I cannot possibly capture all that you've accomplished in that time, but I can try to at least catalog the major points.  So, in no particular order:

  • You are now a walker.  About 2 weeks after your first birthday, you started taking steps.  You would take 2-3 steps at a time for a few days.  Then, one Wednesday at our "Building Blocks" group at the library, you decided you were a walker.  You spent about 2 weeks toddling around.  Now you run.  Everywhere!  (That's m'girl!)
  • You are now a one-year-old bigshot!  You enjoyed both of your birthday parties: one with the Burns family, and another with the Mays family.  You had an absolute BLAST at both.  (Mommy's written about them in your hand-written journal.)
  • Boy, oh boy, do you love dogs!    Not only do you love our dog, Payton, but you love any other dog you see.  When we were at the square in The Villages with Nana and "G",  you saw one while dancing with your "G".  You kept smiling, pointing, and waving at the dog -- you were absolutely enthralled.  When we see one out and about, like on walks, you have the same reaction.  I think we definitely have a dog girl on our hands!  At dinner the other night, as I was flipping through a magazine with a picture of a poodle on one page, you excitedly pointed to the picture, happily squealing "dee!  dah-dah!  dee!"
  • Good grief, little girl!  You STRUT with your hands behind your back, and it is hysterical!  If your pants allow, you have at least a finger stuck in the back of your pants.  (This does not help hold them up, a problem you have anyhow!)
  • You're quite a ham.  You KNOW you're a ham, and you love it!  Everywhere we go, you love to wave and smile and interact with people.  Boy, do you draw a crowd!
  • You really love other kids.  If ever we are in the presence of another ankle biter, you excitedly wave, smile, point, and flirt.  Oh, I certainly don't think your going to be as shy as your mother was -- thank goodness!!
  • Your "G" taught you a new trick while we were last in The Villages.  When we say "hip! hip!", you throw up your arms as we say "hooray!"  
  • Your Grandaddy incidentally taught you another trick about a month ago.  He (or whomever) will ask to see your teeth (or "teefies" as your Grandaddy says -- argh!), and you mechanically open and close your jaw...  You are a riot, little girl.
  •  But best of all, we've built upon "how big is Carol"?  Now, we also ask "how pretty is Carol?"  You daintily place one or both hands under your chin, near your cheek, as we exclaim "so pretty!"  Priceless! 
  • You've recently discovered the joy of throwing your food off your highchair, much to my dismay.  When you don't want to eat something, or when you're done, you make sure either Daddy or me are watching, then fling, fling, fling.  Oy -- I think I'm going to teach you how to mop soon!
  • Most children are frightened of the vacuum, but you LOVE the DustBuster!  When you hear me turn it on, you come running over to where I am and stand and watch, with a big grin on your face.  Goofball!
  • But as much as you love the DustBuster, you equally despise the paper shredder.  You immediatly start crying when I try to use it, so shredding is a task to be done during naps and after bedtime.

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