Sunday, October 3, 2010

My Wish List for Carol

October 2, 2010

My Dear Carol,

As your mother, I wish for you many things in this life.  Above all, I pray daily that you live an exceptionally long, happy, healthy, meaningful, and purposeful life.  I wish this for you, and any siblings you may have.  I hope to help make those things attainable for you, with these things I wish for you:
  1. That you can eloquently speak up for yourself, and for those without a voice, in any and all situations.
  2. That you find reason to laugh every day.  (So far, so good!)  After all, a day without laughter is hardly worth getting out of bed.  Even at your darkest moments (Lord!  I wish I could shield you from them always!!), find some reason -however big or small- to laugh.  And, so I further wish,
  3. That you always maintain a strong sense of humor.  You're already quite silly, and can find the humor in SO much of your life.  Never lose that!
  4. That your curiosity guide you, and allow you to chase that white rabbit, wherever he may go!  May you never lose your curious, inquisitive nature, and let it take you down many amazing -though perhaps less-traveled- paths!  
  5. That you also always be driven by your attention to details.  Your keen observance is an amazing gift!  (You can thank me later for that skill!)
  6. That you grow to be at least five feet three inches tall.  After living a life at five feet nothing, I am most thoroughly convinced that life is more bearable, and more accommodating, at least a mere three inches out of my short reach.  (Of course, I will love you, no matter how tall you are or aren't.)
  7. That you find yourself always surrounded by those who love you, and by those you love.  This will be rather easy for you, I am quite certain.
  8. That you never know firsthand the pain of a broken heart.  But if you must, that you have the strength and support to mend quickly, and have the insight to grow strong(er) from it.  After all, you must have the low "lows", in order to truly grasp the high "highs" on life's roller coaster.
  9. That your being makes a great impact in any and all lives you touch.
  10. That you find happiness, meaning, and purpose in whatever path(s) come your way.
  11. That, like your parents, your love of books continues to grow.  May your next adventure always be at your fingertips, in the form of a good book.
  12. That you appreciate your parents' sentimentality, can uphold it, and pass it on, while still letting go of what's unimportant.
  13. That your hair stays red for a long lifetime to come.  It absolutely suits you, my dear!
  14. That you know the breadth and depth to which your parents love you, and would go out of their way to do anything for your benefit.
  15. That you experience that same intense love for your own children one day.  After introducing this to your father and I, I know that this is certainly one of the highest "highs"!  I can honestly say, even this early in your life, that your children will be extremely lucky to have you as their mother.
  16. That you always enjoy holding your daddy's and my hand.  It melts our hearts.
  17. That you always look at your daddy as your hero.  Every child -but especially every daughter- should hold their father in such high esteem.  (And you've been very blessed with one of the very best fathers.  Ever.)
  18. That you grow every day in to a well-rounded, contributing, thoughtful citizen.
  19. That you never lose that twinkle in your eyes when you smile, and that you show off that beautiful, sparkling smile rather frequently.
  20. That you learn as much (if not more) from the process, as you may from the finished product.
  21. That you never fall victim to someone else's hate, ignorance, or selfishness.  But if you do, that you can learn to graciously walk away, and learn from the experience, how ever painful it may be.
  22. That you grow to be financially secure -- that you learn from us (your parents) how to be responsible and sensible with your money.
  23. That your love for animals never fades.
  24. That you find someone to love you, who will treat you with nothing but deep love and respect, and who will make you laugh every day of your life!  The best judge of a person's character is to see how he treats his mother.  
  25. That you become a good decision-maker.  But when you make a bad decision (nobody's perfect), you can admit it, learn from it, and move on.
  26. That you continue to dance, and always LOVE to dance.
As you grow older, I'm sure this wish list will be amended.  But today, my sweet dear, this is what I wish for you.
All my love,
You Ever-loving Mom

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