Monday, February 21, 2011

Oh, dear sweet Boo Bear! You continue to be a source of pure joy, entertainment, and deep pride for myself and for your Daddy.

  • You LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your Daddy – you call for him rather frequently, and your face lights up particularly for him. May yo always look at him in that light – always.
  • Tip toe, tip toe! ...suddenly, you scurry about, running on your tip toes.
  • When we visit Nana and “G” in The Villages, all the retirees love to line dance around the squares to The Cupid Shuffle. (Nope, I'm not kidding.) You rather enjoy doing the “to the left, to the left, to the left” and “to the right, to the right, to the right” in your own way, saying “doo dah, doo dah, doo dah” while waving your hand in the appropriate direction... Absolutely adorable, and I'm trying desperately to capture it on video, with no luck yet.
  • While Elmo continues to rock your world, you've expanded your pallet to Abby, Oscar, Grover, and The Count. (You still say “ah-ah-ah” when we mention or you see The Count.)

Saturday, February 19,2011

My love, my love, my love,

All of the above is still very true. But in this lapse of time, I feel compelled to share much more about you now.

First, at school, your teachers call you “The Tornado”, and with good reason! After subbing in your class on Friday, I saw a few things:

  1. children your age are actually capable of staying in one place for a while,
  2. you can't stay still to save your life; your energy level is through the roof, AND
  3. you climb EVERY WHERE on to ANY THING!
  4. You're at least as tall as your peers, if not taller. (Not sure how MY CHILD accomplished that; perhaps we have your Nana to thank?)
  5. You're at least as verbal as your peers. Phew!

You continue to nudge off your left shoe any opportunity you can. Daddy has already had two separate incidences of going all the way back to a store, to retrieve your darn left shoe... I'm thinking of just gluing a shoe to your foot.

True to your tornado-like tendencies, you easily grow inpatient with other kids when we're at the playground. They're just too slow for you! Last weekend, a little girl kept getting to the stairs leading to the slide just ahead of you, but she was molasses compared to you! You tried to go around her, but there wasn't room for the two of you on the stairs, so you were forced to wait. Patience is a virtue, and apparently it must be practiced with you!

Groger” (Grover) continues to be a favorite of yours. At church last week, you spontaneously started calling for “Groger”, then “Abby”, followed by “Ahh-ahh-ahh” (The Count). However, one character trumps them all these days. He's red and furry, and he's NOT Elmo!

Clifford the Big Red Dog (“Lala-Lala!”) is by far your favorite! You beam when he comes on in the van, and when we let you watch it on the DVR. The big stuffed animal Daddy got you is still a huge hit (pun intended), and you now also enjoy sitting on him and “riding” him. (This is yet another example of me TRYING to capture a picture of this, but can't get the camera out and going fast enough... sigh...)

If I had to guess, I would put Curious George as a close second. You two, after all, have quite a bit in common. ;o) We went to “baby” Dominic's birthday party today, which was thoroughly Curious George-themed. You've been pointing to the invite on the fridge for weeks, exclaiming “Tcheech!”. So to be at a party full of CG was certainly a treat for you. As a party favor, you got a “Tcheech” hat, CG play glasses, CG bubbles, and I had to grab a CG napkin and plate, just for a rainy day...

Your vocabulary is increasing almost daily. I must admit, I think this is one of my favorite developments to watch unfold. Listening to you talk, and communicate through your words has been an amazing experience to watch. Some of your recent acquisitions include: octopus (“op-buh-bus”), “potty” and “poo-pooh” (more on that later), “horse”, “preh-puhl” (pretzel), just to name a few.

Oh, and your first sentence occurred a few weeks ago when you walked in to the kitchen and clear as day declared “hi daddy.” Nowadays, you love to say “hi” and even “hey”. (You are, after all, a southern girl, so a good “hey” now and then is called for!)

....lately, you refer to our dog, Payton, as "Uga", after the picture of Uga on the fridge, and the statue in the den...

Perhaps the most entertaining new thing you do lately is roar like a lion. But it's not just a sound you produce, you put the back of your hand in your mouth and open and close your fist, to further make the lion “roar”. It is absolutely hilarious, and I LOVE IT!!

For a while, you've also imitated a chicken by putting your hands under your armpits, elbows out, and flap. You love to show Daddy the chicken right before I put you to bed at night. Honestly, it's just so darn cute, little girl!

One of your favorite games at dinner time is to loudly call out “Daddy!”, to make him turn and look at you. You both grin, with those happy, happy eyes, and you wait until he looks back down at the table, to call out “Daddy!” again. You two are such big buddies; it just melts my heart!

Finally, you've started sitting on the potty at night. Literally, you just sit there. But once you did successfully go pee-pee in the potty. It was totally incidental, but exciting nonetheless. While you're still not quite ready to truly start potty training, you're curious. You like to watch mommy go potty, and love to sit on your potty seat every night before bedtime.

Oh, Boo Bear, you are growing up WAY too fast these days! In a little more than a month, you'll be two years old! Sometimes it's hard to believe you are the same little lump we brought home from the hospital, who would try to clasp her hands together as she cried “Wahhh-whaaaa!” Look how far you've come! These last two years have been bliss, and I look forward to seeing what adventures lie ahead for you.

All my love, always,

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