Friday, February 25, 2011

Climbing Monkeys

Is it a baby cage, or safety gear....?

It's official, my little monkey daughter is one good "oomph" away from completely climbing out of her crib...  

As I put her down for bed tonight, I lined the bottom of her crib with three layers of pillows, but firmly reminded her that "feet stay in the crib."  

Fingers crossed, fingers crossed, fingers crossed.

Hubs is insistent on getting a crib tent first thing tomorrow.  I'm still not completely sold on these things, but don't see many other good alternatives.

Any advice?  Comments?  Dastardly rude remarks?  I'm all ears, whilst sitting on pins and needles, inevitably waiting on that resounding "thump".

1 comment:

  1. So, both of my kiddos learned how to climb out of their cribs before we were ready to transition them to beds. Here's what we found worked. We used it as a transition period. We would put a stool on the floor by their crib, and then taught them how to step onto that, just so they wouldn't end up falling out of the crib and getting hurt. We then just taught them - you must stay in your crib at night and in the morning you can get out and come find us. Easy breezy with my daughter. My son tested us a little more. He would climb out several times a night, but we just stayed consistent with him and put him back in saying, "You must stay in your crib at night". Took a few nights before he got it. This made transitioning to a big bed MUCH easier for him. He had already learned the whole thing about having freedom. My daughter is still in the crib and climbs out every morning when she wakes up.

    Honestly, the tents scare me. I know a lot of people that have them and swear by them, but I did hear one bad story (won't go into details). Bad enough that I wouldn't use one though. Good luck!