Wednesday, July 20, 2011

July Update (Well overdue!!)

Sunday, July 20, 2011

Dear Boo Bear,

Boy, did you jump right in to your twos!! You've quickly picked up on the word “no”, and have become quite the loquacious li'l lady! I must say, of all your developmental milestones and accomplishments, I have most enjoyed witnessing your increasing vocabulary and ability to communicate unfold. You progress by leaps and bounds daily, and it is just delightful to be able to hold a conversation with you. :o)

The biggest accomplishment you've made in recent weeks is ditching the diapers for good! During the week of May 23rd, we began Operation Potty Training, using the 3-Day Method. While the first half of the first day was completely exhausting, you mastered going to the potty quite well. At first, I was worried that you weren't going to go poo-poo on the potty, but the following week you proved me wrong. (Thankfully!!) Now, you are very good about telling me if you have to go. You even hold it if we're out and can't access a potty right away, because as soon as we get home, I'll sit you down, and you'll go right away. And every time you do go poo-poo on the potty, a great big grin sweeps across your face, and you giddily clap, and cheer “YAY!” for yourself, with myself and Daddy cheering right along with you. I am so proud of (and quite elated at) how well and how easily you transitioned to wearing panties, and ditched those diapers.

Now, you wear your “night-night panties” when you nap, and at nighttime. However, I think you could honestly stay in your panties when you nap, but I'm not ready to take that chance. I think when you transition to a big girl bed, I'll feel more comfortable with nighttime potty-training. Whenever we do make that move, I am certain you'll master it, also, like a champ!

I love hearing you talk about the people in your life. You're quite fond of all your grandparents: Nana and “G”, and “Ga-Ga” (Grandmamma) and “De-Da” (Grandaddy), and talk about them frequently. You also love to talk to them on the phone, whether it's a pretend conversation, or if I put them on speaker phone.

Back towards the end of May, you got to spend an entire day with Ga-Ga and De-Da, while I was home SICK with the stomach flu. (The flu, by the way, that you had first, then gave to daddy, then to me.) De-Da and Ga-Ga still reminisce about how much fun they had with you that day, and I think if you could articulate as well, you would, too.

Another first for you came just this past weekend, when you and Daddy had a date. (My tummy wasn't feeling well, so Daddy thought it was a good time to take you out.) After careful consideration, he took you to your very first movie! You saw the new Winnie the Pooh movie, which was an hour and nine minutes long. Daddy said you sat on the edge of your seat, clapping at the end of each preview, and did really well through the movie. Well, you got antsy for the last 15 minutes, but -well- you're two. And you still did better than I at MY first movie. Hopefully, Daddy will add more details to this account, since he was with you. You came home with Reese's pieces and Junior Mints smeared all over your face, hands, clothes, and any exposed part your little hands could reach! But I could easily tell you had a great time with Daddy!

You're starting to recognize that there's a baby in my belly. When I ask where the baby is, you'll point to my belly and say “right there”; although, sometimes when I ask, you lift up YOUR shirt and point to your belly button... With time, you'll certainly understand. We have 25 more weeks to get you prepared, little girl.

Well, I've got to fold some more laundry, so I must wrap this up. There's so much more I want to recount, but duties call!

All my love,

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