Friday, March 30, 2012

Swim Lessons, .....Thus Far

(This should have been published over the summer, but for some reason, it never did??  I blame preggo brain...)

A few weeks ago, we enrolled you in swim lessons, twice a week for half an hour on Tuesday and Friday mornings at the indoor pool. You absolutely ROCKED the first lesson – you almost literally jumped right in with Ms. Faith, and she helped you “kick, kick, kick”, move your arms, say “mmm” when you go underwater, move along the wall using only your arms with no one helping you, and reluctantly jumped from the side to a noodle. Upon completion of the lesson, Ms. Faith said you were very strong and confident, and she could easily see you swimming by the end of the lessons.

The second lesson, however, you decided about 20 minutes in to the lesson that you were done and wanted to dry off. I coaxed you back in to the water, and you finished up. But your teeth were chattering for the rest of the session; so apparently the indoor pool was really cold! (Even though I was sweating bullets, as it's hot to just sit and watch!) So when the third lesson came about, you did NOT want to go in the water. I asked Ms. Faith if she thought I should disappear for a while, and she agreed. I left through the women's locker room, and snuck back in through a side door. I heard you crying all the way down the corridor, before even opening the door. You were crying and screaming “Where'd mommy go?!”, but you were complying (somewhat) with the lessons... So I snuck back in through the women's locker room, and Ms. Faith waved me over. We agreed that you were not in the right frame of mind to continue, so after less than 10 minutes, we canceled the day's session, and will tack it on to the end. :o(

We've been trying to take you to the pool every day, to help get over this hump.  Although you cling as tightly as possible to me or to Daddy, you will blow bubbles, say "mmm" when you go underwater, kick your arms and move your legs, swim to the ladder or to your ball or toy when I can pry your little fingers off of me, move along the wall with your hands and arms unassisted, and "motor boat" with Daddy.  Hopefully, our next lesson Friday morning will yield MUCH better results.  Only time will tell!

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