Saturday, June 2, 2012

On Being Dora, Princess Aurora, Curious George, and Kitty Cat

Princess Dora
At the doctor's office the other day, it was requested that Boots the Monkey have his heart listened to as well.  Every day when we get the mail, either Curious George or Boots accompanies us down the driveway.  Multiple times a day, I meet Princess Aurora in the den.  As of late, I have been living with Dora the Explorer.  

Tea with George
Carol has taken on quite a few personas as of late, as is typical of most three year olds.  But does she, perhaps, take it to extremes?  A few weeks ago at the pool, in her normal friendly demeanor, said hello to a kid at the splash park.  She then proceeded to wave her hands at the air next to her, stating "and this is Boots."  Thankfully, the little boy didn't catch that part.  

Our highly-elaborate Dora house!
You see, for quite a few weeks now, I've been living WITH Dora the Explorer.  And (the invisible) Boots the Monkey.  Before that, she would put on her pink princess dress, and magically become Princess Aurora.  Around Halloween, she was Curious George, her Daddy was "Yellow Hat", and I was -ahem- Hundley.  (Yes, she pegged me as the uptight, neat-freak character...)

Her buddy George
What I find so remarkably amusing and delightful is how fully she embodies these personas.  When she puts on her pink dress, she IS Princess Aurora.  She currently insists on being addressed as "Dora", and is frequently accompanied by Boots the Monkey.  In fact, she usually urges him to sit on the potty first, and holds the door open for him.

"Princess Bag"
(an apparently new character)

While laying down today for her nap, she pointed to the (seemingly) empty space next to her and informed me, "that's Carol.  Dora and Carol are going to take a nap together."  I am constantly tickled by my little girl's imagination, and continue to work to nurture it.  Not that it takes much -- for heaven's sake, she's taken her strands of spaghetti noodles, and made them dance and chatter, one was Calliou and the other was Rosie.

Another perosona emerging is "Carol Cat/Scarey Cat"...  One purrs nicely, and the other is -well- a wee bit scary.  In either instance, there's lots of "meow-ing" that ensues.

"See, Boots is wearing my yellow monkey boots!"
This stage is yet another of those childhood ideals I want to preserve, bottle up, and hold forever, as I know it won't last forever.  So, for the time being, I'm enjoying my many encounters with my favorite children's characters, before my Carol re-emerges. :o)

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