Wednesday, October 24, 2012

More Carol-isms, Fall 2012

Carol, the queen of one-liners (and two and three) has been at it again...  (most of these, "As Seen On Facebook"!)

9-15-12 "Mommy?"

"Yes, Carol?"

"Excuse me, sir? .....can I call you sir, Mommy?" 

"No, honey. 'Sir' is for guys."

"Oh. Can I call you 'lady'? Hey lady, get me some more pancakes please!"


9-17-12  Last night's pre-dinner conversation:

Tim: "Carol, should we go out somewhere for dinner tonight?"

Carol: (complete in Minnie dress and ears) "No Mickey (Daddy), I've got too much dancing to do!"

And so we ate at home.

9-20-12 "Hey Carol, I'm slicing up this apple so you can have it with your dinner, ok?"

"No mommy. I can't eat apples."

"Oh? Why not?"

"They make me fall asleep" she said, in her Snow White dress-up dress. Dur!

Thankfully, with her magic wand in hand, we chanted the magic words ("Bippity Boppity BOO!") and the apple was good to go.

10-1-12 Only my kid would ask the waitress at Dagwoods for "Costco pizza." 

10-4-12 "Mommy, doo-doos live in a cave in the potty..." she said, peering in to the porcelain god.

10-15-12 I just got reprimanded by Carol for gently but firmly telling the baby "no."

"Dont tell my little brother no, mommy. He does not know better."  

and later that day: And now my sweet little girl is recommending gifts for Robbie via TV commercials she sees. ♥. "Hey! You should get that for Rob-o, mommy!"

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