Saturday, October 27, 2012

Spider Bites, Red Bumps, Stripping Down, and "Cool" Band-Aids

*sigh* Today, our little girl provided us with a trip to Children's Health Care of Atlanta's Urgent Care facility.  Tim "caught" her in the bathroom this morning at 6:30 this morning, seconds before dumping the lotion out of the bottle, to use because she said she was "itchy".

We didn't think much of the incident, especially since we've all had dry skin the last few weeks, and I'd slathered her up before naptime the other day.

However, a few hours later, after sporting her Minnie Mouse dress-up dress for a little bit, I (finally) encouraged her to put on her "regular" clothes, so we could all play outside.  Instead, I swooped her downstairs, with nothing but her panties, after seeing a large, swollen red mark on her left bicep.  (Did I mention we went to the playground the night before?)

I showed it to Tim, and after consulting with a Kaiser nurse, and then a pediatrician, we quickly dropped Robbie off with my parents, and made our way to the Alpharetta CHOA facility.

We met with the doctor, who was a bit taken by our outgoing little red-headed scamp.  While the doctor was examining Carol, she asked if she could "get naked yet."  And proceeded to take off her shirt.  You know, to show the boo-boo on her bicep.  ...then off went the pants, to show off the bite marks on her ankle.

Thank goodness we were at a kid-friendly facility, and the pediatrician had a good sense of humor.

Especially since next, Carol demanded a shot.  What three year old asks for a shot?!? who knows they are followed by a band-aid.  So the doctor -God bless her patient soul!- gave her a pretend shot, followed by an "H" band-aid on her right arm.  Tim was later told it was "the coolest band-aid ever!"

In the end, we left with a cool "H" band-aid, a teaspoon of Benedryl, a popsicle, a general diagnosis of a "bad bug bite", and little girl who reluctantly got dressed again.  And she napped for over two hours, thanks to the Benedryl.

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